CashTelex Gold Coin

CTLX coin will be available to be exchanged with Gold in CashTelex Gold shops in Uganda and Nigeria 
We will have the following physical CTLX Gold coin :
1-  0.10 CTLX Gold 
2-  0.20 CTLX Gold 
3-  0.50 CTLX Gold 
4-  1 CTLX Gold

The price of each Gold coin is based on Gold and exchangeable only with CTLX coin. 
Cash Telex is the first ever blockchain and cryptocurrency  to have real physical transaction against Gold with real physical value . 
I congratulate everyone who is taking part in this history making journey.  We know exactly what we are about to do ,  we are entering business  territories which have never been tried before since the era of Islamic Gold Dinar.  we are 100% sure will succeed in this.  so please fasten your seats and get ready for takeoff.

Important :
1-  The base value of each of the above coins is based on Gold, real Gold , always minimum of 10 USD for 1 CTLX and 5 USD for 0.50 CTLX etc .
2-  While trading of Cash Telex coin opens to international market and physical Gold coin exchangeable initially in the selected countries , the value of CTLX is driven by market demand and exchangeable directly with CTLX Gold based on market value 
3-  Initial  volume of gold coins  we have 10000 coin each.  10000  of 1 CTLX Gold and 10000 of CTLX 0.50 etc 
4-  Current value of CTLX against 1CTLX Gold : 1 CTLX Gold =  coming soon .