CASH TELEX  Ambassador Referral Program

We have developed a special referral program, which will provide all its participants with an option to receive the permanent additional revenue in real-time mode. 

✅  $25  ( Ȼ 50  CTLX |  CASH TELEX  Ambassador Referral Program Promotion 

✅   Earn 10% of CTLX every time your referrals  make an investment  in CTLX. 

Here's How it Works:

1️⃣ - Invite your  friends or family to invest in CTLX 
2️⃣- send us the email and name used by  friends or family for registration 
3️⃣- email the investors details to [email protected] 

-------------------EMAIL --------------------------------------------------
Email Subject :  ( Cash Telex Ambassador - Email address )

Ambassador Details 
✅   your name                 
✅   your email address

Investors list 
Name                                  Email          
1- name of Investor           email of investor  
2- name of Investor           email of investor  
3- ...
4- ...  
---------------------END of Email ------------------------------------

Term and conditions:

  • Term and conditions:
  • The above email format must be followed to claim your referrals
  • The referrals will be deposited to your CTLX exchange wallet
  • The person being referred must invest in CTLX not less than $20 to be counted as referral.
  • To make a referral as part of the Program, you must be Cash Telex Investor
  • You and your referrals have to accept the Program Terms to participate in the Program. 
  • There is no limit to how many referrals you could have in your account in Cash Telex  referral program 
  • There is no limit to how many CTLX you could accumulate in the referral program